7 apps to make money installing apps and games on Play Store

Play Store has different apps that allow us to make money installing apps or videogames, which is good not only to have a little extra income or make in-game purchasing without directly spending cash but also to discover new useful apps or interesting videogames: in fact, it is common that new users find new interesting contents unintentionally while… they’re earning!

Apps to make money installing apps and games on Play Store: Cash for Apps, Make Money, AppNana, AppKarma Rewards, App Flame, CashApp, Grana Cash App

Without spending other words, let’s see the 7 best apps to make cash that we selected to earn on your Android devices.

Cash for Apps – To make money for Gift Cards installing apps

Cash for Apps allows you to obtain gift cards of all kinds: Apple, Play Store, Game Stop, Amazon, and many more others available! The Play Store feedbacks are pretty positive (4.6 average), and it has a large user number, over 10 million, moreover points required to get prizes are easily reachable with a constant effort.

Cash For Apps +20 points – Referral Code: 076b25b

Make Money – Cash Rewards & Gift Cards installing apps, games and completing surveys

With the same effectiveness, if not even more versatile, we find Make Money a long time ago known as BigCash. This app also reaches 10 million downloads and has an average rate of over 4.6 thanks to the versatility of prizes.

With Make Money we’re not limited to only gift cards, but we can also withdraw money on PayPal with cards of 15$ or 35$ value.

Another point in its favor is the possibility to earn money not only by downloading apps but also by completing surveys: despite they pay a lot more, they will often not finish because you’re not the person that investors are searching for. But for those few times you can reach the finish it’s worth it… and if you really don’t like to take surveys you can just ignore them and continue to make money installing apps and games.

AppNana – Free Gift Cards

One of the most famous and historic apps on the store, principally based on the mobile video games market and less on apps.

Don’t be thrown by the title: in fact, it is possible to withdraw money also on PayPal!

The strong point of this app is the presence of a daily bonus and his withdrawal speed, which is under 48 hours. Obviously, also his trustworthiness is focal, considering how old and famous this app is with thousands of people who use it every day.

AppNana +2.500 points – Referral Code: d2721937

AppKarma Rewards – A level of gaming over the average

Less renowned than the previous one, but more particular, AppKarma offers an experience pretty different from other apps.

If similarly to the previous apps it requires you to download mobile games, in this case, we’re going to earn also playing the games/apps we download. Exactly: the more the playtime is, the more we earn… it is enough to find some apps really interesting to earn without putting a real effort but using them normally.

The earning can come also by scratching cards, which are given based on playtime: there is a base prize and extra big winnings if you can line three signs of the same kind.

Actually, what makes this app really groundbreaking is the growth of earnings inside the app, similarly to a “tycoon” game, which means that leveling up – simply by playing to downloaded apps – we will earn more and more!
In this sense, AppKarma is “Rewards” with a system based not only on single achievements unlockable, which are going to give us points but also on earning growth which is going to stay printed in our account.

Ultimately, once you redeem code it will be given directly inside the app, avoiding in this way to send our email or to wait some days before being able to put our hands on our well-earned income.

To get +300 AppKarma points use our code: pizzolab

App Flame – Play Games & Get Rewards

Very similar to the first two proposed apps, it allows us to get many kinds of gift cards, but the only way to earn is downloading videogames and it gives fewer points than the average: it will take a few weeks to redeem 5$ on your account or by a gift card.

Despite it is under the average and it doesn’t have major innovations, if used in combo with others it can be really efficient.

Moreover, payouts are guaranteed and playtime is determinant in the points acquisition, making the app more interesting compared to the “download and delete” experience offered by other apps.

Also, this app has a leveling system that, however, doesn’t guarantee higher earnings over time but only fixed profits in the passage from a level to another… not so phenomenal, not so bad!

CashApp – Cash PayPal Rewards App

We go a beet deeper with CashApp because is not so famous like other apps, in fact, it has 1 million downloads. Despite this, it is a truly valid choice, and it doesn’t have anything less compared to others.

Earnings are fair, the only limitation is the withdrawing that can be done only on PayPal and not via gift cards.

CashApp +20 points – Referral Code: 9D70SM

Grana Cash App – Big Cash Rewards and Paid Surveys

Between all the apps we proposed in this article, Grana Cash is the less known but, and not randomly, it is the one with higher rates which go over 4.7 average: very high considering that, although not so popular, it has been download more than half a million times.

The higher rates probably are for earnings over the average guaranteed by rewards specific for the action you make: you don’t earn just by downloading apps but also performing some actions inside it. In such a way you can make a lot of extra points… sometimes we just need to keep the app using it for a while each day to have not bad incomes.

We conclude the post, remembering you that over the earning itself those apps allow you to discover new interesting apps or games. Over 90% of users decide to continue to use at least one (the most more than one) of new discoverings made thanks to the app to make money installing apps proposed there!

It is clear that it isn’t a work for users but just a way to earn something without getting stressed and to obtain some paid content without spending real money directly. For investors, it is instead a great way to advertise their app, to be discovered, and to obtain new users, both directly and indirectly thanks to the benefits behind the ranking growth and the reliability enhancement thanks to the many downloads and reviews.

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