Clippity Clock

Feature Graphic Clippty Clock, Closed Alpha
The awful feature graphic of the first Play Store’s closed alpha.


Clippity Clock is a 2D vertical scrolling adventure game for mobile.
The game was designed to come with a total of 4 settings and 81 levels.
Throughout the game, it’s possible to obtain “rubids”, the in-game currency, useful to unlock new ufos with special powers or to upgrade the ones already unlocked.
On release, the game is going to have 12 different ufos. The special powers can really make a difference in critical situations.
On completion of story mode, maybe in a second version, will be available the endless-game mode so that you can still have fun with the unlocked characters.
Furthermore, it’s planned the local multiplayer mode to challenge your friends.

Current state.

Clippity Clock, portrait mobile videogame adventure screenshot

UI: 60% (code set, graphic missing in the home)
Settings: 50% (2/4)
Levels: 26% (21/81)
Ufos: βœ” (12/12, with their powers)
Skins: 50% (well-set system, it’s necessary to remodel and add some skins)
Achievements: 80% (19/19 set, to improve the code)
Leaderboards: ✘
Save Game Online: ✘
Store Page: 50% (it’s required to enhance and translate it)

This project was born in May 2019 and it has been suspended in October.

Nowadays works are suspended for two reasons:
1. Create levels requires much time, but because of the school, I can’t spend too much on it.
2. With all the time invested, it would be better to have already other experiences in game publishing.

For those two reasons, I preferred to start a new project, that required me less time (so an endless game) and that could give me, once released, an overview of the trend and some marketing strategies… I’m talking about Lumbersquare.
The developing of Clippity Clock, anyway, will be back in future – maybe not a so near one.

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