Google Play Services not working after APK upload

You built your game and it worked perfectly fine until you uploaded the APK to Google Play Console for an Internal Test – or an Alpha, Beta or even for a Production Track – and now the Google Play Services which worked fine as well is not working anymore?
Don’t worry, we have the solution! Let’s fix this problem!

Let’s see how to solve the Google Play Services not working problem when you upload your APK (and eventually the OBB) to Google Play Console for an internal/open test or to production even if it worked perfectly with your engine build.

  1. Connect to Google Play Console

    Connect to your Google Play Console and open your game in the “All applications” page.
    Open your app/game on Google Play Console

  2. Open the App signing page

    In Google Play Release management select App signing to get the certificate of your game In the lateral bar, under the section “Release management” select “App signing“.

  3. Copy the SHA-1 App signing certificate

    Warning: in this page, there are two SHA-1 certificates, make sure that you’re not copying the “Upload certificate”, the correct one is the certificate fingerprint under the “App signing certificate” box!
    Copy the SHA1 App signing certificate fingerprint of your game project

  4. Open the Game Services of your game

    Open Game Services on Google Play Console even if it is only in a testing (Internal/Open test) Go back to the main page of the console and select “Game services“, then select the one associated with your game.

  5. Open the Google APIs console of the Game Service selected

    In order to open the Google APIs click on “Game details” under the “Feature analytics” section, scroll all the way down and click on your game/app’s name.
    How to open the API Console on Google Play Console for Game Services not working when uploading on Google Play

  6. In the Google APIs open the Credentials page

    API Console Credentials Google Game Services In the lateral bar click on “Credentials”.

  7. Delete ALL OAuth 2.0 Client IDs

    Delete all the client IDs under the OAuth 2.0 Client IDs section. Don’t touch other sections!Delete OAuth 2.0 Cliend IDs
    You could have more than one single instance in this section (one generated automatically by Google). Remove them all!

  8. Create a new OAuth 2.0 Client ID

    Click on “+ CREATE CREDENTIALS” and select OAuth 2.0 client ID.
    Create Credentials on the Api Console for your game

  9. Compile the form

    Compile the form that appears:
    Name: select a custom name, this field isn’t important.
    Signing-certificate fingerprint: paste the SHA-1 you copied before.
    Package name: the package name of your game (e.g. com.Society.Game).
    Know that when you paste the SHA-1 certificate code you have to remove “SHA1: “ from what you copied in step 3!
    Google Play Services not working with Internal Test OAuth 2.0 Google APIs new Credentials for android or ios game or app
    That’s it! Now test that everything is ok and enjoy your game!

If the problem persists create also a new OAuth Client ID with the Upload certificate, you will have in this way two OAuth 2.0 Client IDs: one with the signing key and another one with the upload key.

Why does this error happen? If Google Play Services doesn’t work when you upload your game on the console is because Google Play changes your APK SHA-1 certificate code and you have to fix this on the APIs console. Luckily you have to do this thing just once per game and the error won’t happen anymore!

If you have other fixing methods for this problem, please contact us using this module.

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