TEST PACKAGE – 100 Downloads




This package is designed for new customers wanting to try the efficiency of our services.
Your application will be downloaded by 100 people and kept on devices for at least 3 days up to forever if they find your app useful or interesting!

This offer is a one-buy for each user! All those downloads are refunded on your next order: you’ll receive a 10€ coupon code via email.
If you buy more than one time this offer, you will still receive downloads but only the first-order gives you a coupon.

You can choose to ask users to leave a review for your app. The reviews aren’t guaranteed and Google reserves the right to remove them if they’re not considered genuine. Usually, about 20% of the users leave a review but only a few are not removed by Google.
We recommend you to activate the “ask for a review” check, as we offer the service free and also reviews make their part in your app growth!

Delivery time: 1 day

Why should I buy downloads for my app?

Why you should choose us:
No bots, only real people incentivized to download your app.
You will respect the Play Store Terms and Conditions and, at the same time, you will get people who could be really interested in your app.
Incentivized retention
Users who keep your app get a higher incentive.
On average they keep your app for at least 3 days but they’ll keep it for more if it’s interesting. Anyway, three days are enough to affect even more positively your ranking!
Free reviews
You can ask users to leave a review after some days from download. The service is completely free and most reviews will be positive.
Reviews are a good way to give good impressions for new organic users as well as to improve your ranking.
Free keyword selection
No extra charge for them!
Thanks to keywords you can converge all your investments to a single or a few targets, improving your rank particularly for the words more effective for your app.

Remember that in order to use the keyword feature, your app page must be optimized and contain multiple times the keyword in the description (or in the name): only if it appears to be in TOP 1000 for that keyword we’ll be able to satisfy your request.
This feature is a plus we offer, if your page isn’t optimized we can still deliver your downloads independently from the keywords.


❌ Most competitors use bots.
❌ They rarely guarantee so high retention and if they do, it doesn’t go over 24 hours.
❌ They charge expensive extras for both reviews and keyword downloads.
Moreover thanks to our large businesses we can offer cheaper prices.
You can get much more paying much less.

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