Asset Forge Review – The tool you don’t need

Asset Forge is a tool used to create Static Mesh for your videogames with the goal to make model creation easy. Remember this, because maybe it doesn’t fully respond to what it promises to be.

Asset Forge Download for Review

The developer is Kenney creator of contents that share many assets for free, he’s a very polite person but in my opinion with this tool he completely failed… it seems that the “free contents” he gifts are better than this paid one.

The program was created in July 2017 and many game developers on Youtube sponsored the tool that had updates for a few months till the “big promise”: a new version made by zero in Scratch, the so-called “Asset Forge 2.0“. But this story isn’t all roses and flowers, because the new version should have come out at the end of 2018.

For a problem with his computer, he sadly lost all of his data, so the update was delayed and it went out… on 16 December 2019. Yeah, a year later! Anyway by that tweet and other updates on the forum, we’re sure it actually had problems so it wasn’t really responsible for the delay, despite it could’ve been shorter.

What is the problem with Asset Forge?

Ooooh, dear. The tool, as said, presents as a program to make objects creations easier for your game but the reality is that the exported mesh – in many cases – will have so many problems you won’t be able to directly use it on your game, and you’re gonna waste not infrequently on Blender to correct everything, supposed that you can correct those problems (some can’t be corrected, for other you require skills and time).

Let’s talk about those problems:

  • The movement inside the editor is the most frustrating thing you’re gonna try in your life. You will feel like a rabbit in a trap. The problem is that movement is essential to create your objects so it can’t be so uncomfortable, and I can’t understand why it didn’t change with the new version.
  • It will happen often that some parts of your mesh overlap each other creating an effect of “intermitting texture” in your mesh. This wouldn’t ever happen with other tools.
  • You can’t change the Pivot, making the creation of rotatable objects impossible without external tools.
  • The most important one: the UV Maps are completely messed up in Unreal Engine 4. So if you want to create a game with lighting, just leave. This tool isn’t made for you. Asset Forge is good only to create unlit mesh because you’re gonna waste sooo much time in Blender to create a UV Map that it completely loses the point of the program: make the things easier.
Asset Forge Unreal Engine 4 UE4 light problem
Example of the mesh on first image: how it appears in Unreal after lightining build.

The lighting problem is something serious, not just about shadow but also relative to the textures itself of the meshes exported. It makes the tool completely useless for Unreal Engine 4, despite there is written that it is supported. The fix for this, just to let you know, isn’t on the list for now.

To conclude this post, if you’re a UE4 developer, absolutely don’t buy this because it will be completely useless for your projects.

Instead, if you’re using Godot or Unity you can think of buying Asset Forge anyway, but be aware of the other problems I listed before!

I don’t think you really need a tool like that, after some hours inside Asset Forge I can affirm that it isn’t worth at all: I advice you to spend a bit more time learning Blender a free tool that can do the same job, also “combining” different blocks together.
It is the tool you don’t need, not really.

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