Behavior:win32/Hive.zy – is Hive.zy a real menace?

Today, as of 4 September, Windows Defender warned as with the menace Behavior:win32/Hive.zy but is Hive.zy actually dangerous?

It seems that Hive.zy, which is the module for the applications based on Chromium and Electron, is seen as a malware because of the last update of Windows Defender database – which added new portion of codes to be detected as menaces, and one of these interfered with these applications.

So it’s nothing to worry about and the wrong detection will be patched soon by Microsoft.

We can safely say it is a false-positive.

What should I do to fix Behavior:win32/Hive.zy problem?
It’s not a real virus so there is nothing you should do. Once Windows Defender will patch the error you won’t get anymore these notifications of Hive.zy detected as a menace.

Behavior:win32/Hive.zy Hive.zy virus

You shouldn’t turn off real-time protection even if this would shut down the false detection, otherwise you wouldn’t be protected.

When the error happens?
When any application based on Chromium or Electron will be opened, such as Google Chrome, Discord, Steam, Microsoft Teams, Epic Games and Unreal, Spotify and others.

From Reddit:

A few minutes ago i got a “threat detected” from windows defender for “Behavior:Win32/Hive.ZY”. the notification quickly disappeared and it said that the threat had been taken care of. then 20 seconds later the same threat notification popped up again, and then went away. Panicked and shut off and completely unplugged my PC. i have no idea what this is, what do i do, scared to turn on PC.
It is related to Chromium (the browser on which Brave, Edge and many other browsers are based on).
Applications using an embedded browser might also trigger the alert.

TECH SUPPORT UPDATE – INFO (from microsoft official discord) *messages from normal users and not official moderators
“Defender’s database probably sees Electron-based or Chromium-based applications as Malware because there is an entry in the Virus DBs”
“No need to freak out it will be patched soon
Its happening every time you open Chrome,Discord,Spotify, etc…

Why all these apps trigger the anti-virus?
That’s because all popular apps are based on Electron.
No, these apps did not became a virus from one day to another – as already stated, it’s just a bug or to better say a false positive.

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