Is Youtube controlling our emotions?

Sometimes we’re fucking happy, other times we are just sad and there are many reasons behind our state… the question: is Youtube controlling our emotions?

Is Youtube controlling our emotions?

Either if you got a good grade at school and you’re excited or you just broke up a relationship and you’re bad this is due to external factors, you know?
In cases like these, it’s easy to relate our mood to the action that happened, but there could be in our life factors of which we’re not aware but that can change or mold our emotions. Understand what are those factors is important to cut off bad factors and prefer the good ones… it’s good for our minds.

One of these factors is… Youtube! Yeah, so many people pass so much time watching videos or listening to music on this platform. Now, the problem: is what you’re watching really what you want to watch? Let me explain. You go on Youtube, right? Then you start scrolling the page to choose a video or music… “choose” from those proposed by the Youtube algorithm.

Youtube has a power and a weight higher than you think. He can actually control your mood proposing you a certain kind of video. There were times in which I got different videos with the theme “suicide” in the home despite I never researched anything related to suicide, I was just hearing at that time sad music.

Videos like music can really mold your mood. This doesn’t happen only when you’re watching or listening to it, this continues even when you close Youtube. Your brain continues to elaborate on the content for a certain period.

Is Youtube controlling our emotions? Please, understand that even if Youtube has the power to control our mood, this doesn’t mean there is a man behind this that wants us making sad or happy, this just means that an algorithm written by someone we don’t even know is influencing our lives more than should happen. This happens also with Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and all social and if this can bring us on a good path, the one of happiness, it may also lead to the path of depression.

If you’re listening to sad music, lofi for example, or watching emotional videos and you feel depressed, please stop. There are many people who even thank the creators of those contents because they helped them to “relax” or “feel better” when what is happening is the complete opposite: they don’t even have a real problem, they’re just feeding a small problem with those contents.

Are you living in a good period now? Well, you can continue your life as it is. But if you feel bad, consider all those factors: they can really make bigger some problems that would’ve been smaller instead. Use your time differently, start those projects you planned but never carried on, and quit from Youtube or the social network that is feeding up the monster of sadness inside you. You may try watching happier videos or listening to groovy beats.

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