UE4 free for May 2020 in the Marketplace

Let’s see what contents are free in UE4 Marketplace for the month of May. These includes:

  • Materialize Visual Effects
  • Targeting System
  • Drivable Cars (Meshes+System)
  • SciFi Robot (Skeletal Mesh)
  • City Buildings (Meshes)

Remember that you can get those contents without even downloading them, so just get it as they will be free only for this month and they could come in handy in the future for your projects. You will lose only a few seconds to get them all, and they will be free for you forever!

The most loved between May UE4 Marketplace free contents: the Materialize VFX

Materialize Visual Effects (VFX) for UE4 Marketplace Free of the Month May 2020

A lot of different visual effects (VFX) of materialization. It simply consists of a function to add in your material, switching a single parameter input from 0 to 1 will activate the effect. Check the video to see how cool it is!

You will save €22.36. Get Materialize VFX now!

A good time-saver free for May in UE4 Marketplace: The Targeting System

Targeting System Unreal Engine 4

A system made up of 4 Blueprints for Targeting System. It uses the AI Perception System to target enemy actors. Included a lot of icons, check the video!

You will save €12.28. Get The Targeting System there!

Drivable Cars Basic Pack

UE4 Marketplace Free Cars with drive system only for the month of May

A pack of three different cars animated with 4 LODs to enhance the efficiency of your game!
It includes also materials and a system to drive cars with different points of view.

You will save €61.51. Get the Drivable Cars Basic Pack now!

SciFi Robot

Realistic Robot Skeletal Mesh

A Skeletal Mesh rigged with the classical Epic Skeleton. The materials are customizable and overall the quality is high in fact it includes three different LODs.

You will save €13.40. Get the SciFi Robot there!

Modern City Downtown with Interiors Megapack

Free Buildings Asset Unreal Engine 4 May 2020

Last but not least (or actually the best offer in my opinion between the free of those May free Unreal Engine 4 assets) A huge pack of urban buildings, we’re talking about 355 different modular meshes.
Moreover, it includes 14 different blueprints for vehicles!

You will save €167.81. Get this Urban Pack for free!

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